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Electric car ownership has, up until recently, been a very ‘niche’ club. When people first began buying cars that ran entirely on electric, they were seen by some to be a little bit eccentric, tree-hugging and weird.

It’s no surprise.

For nearly three decades, the most popular car magazine on the TV was Top Gear, which stuck to a very basic format that made it clear that cars should be noisy, fast, and big.

Noise was something missing from electric cars, and in the early days, they weren’t very fast either.

Until Tesla turned up with it’s “ludicrous” mode, electric cars were seen very much as a milk float with extra seats. Quiet, comfortable, slow.

There was also the problem with manufacture.

Due to the strange materials that had to go into the cars, they were seen by many as not being that environmentally friendly at all.

Some (like Top Gear), would latch on to this and explained that this meant that even though they didn’t spit out fumes into kids’ faces, they used up much more in the way of resources while they’re being made.

So, electric vehicles took a while to get to mainstream.

The big players

Things weren’t helped when Toyota released the Prius.

Although a hybrid vehicle (it still had a petrol engine), this car exposed everything that was supposedly wrong with electric cars.

It still had petrol – so it spat out smog (sometimes), but it also had batteries that had been forged in the very depths of hell.

And they were bought in droves by multi-millionaire celebrities.

They were literally created and hated within years.

They still sold well.

But it took Tesla to really kick the market about. Even if many of its cars didn’t even exist.

But, when they did exist, they kicked butt.

They actually made owning an electric car cool.

You essentially bought a car, that looked really good, but which had a really fast charger (oh yeah, electric cars take ages to charge), and which could also go really fast!

Here’s a Tesla beating a Lamborghini over 1/4 mile:

< But what about everyone else?

Enter – The Nissan Leaf

So, cars were either stupidly fast and expensive, or dull and owned by tree hugging celebrities.

It took another manufacturer to see the light and create a car that would simply slip under the radar and become one of the best selling electric vehicles the world over.

Now, I’m not going to pretend I like the name. “Leaf” is terrible, and is there surely to just con people into thinking they’re not made, rather they appear whole from a rain forest.

But, they are good, and they’re bought in their thousands. More than 300,000 in fact.

They have some cool fast charging technology – giving them 80% charge in 30 minutes (yeah, take that, Tesla!), and they are a capable saloon and great for family trips.

And that is why they’re probably the most important electric car at the moment.

They tick all the boxes that mean they’ll be used day-to-day. They have a badge that says “reliability” on them, and you can’t even name the owner of Nissan, whereas Tesla is run by an unhinged Bond villain who is likely to switch all his cars to self-destruct one Christmas in a last hurrah to Western civilisation.

So, hail the Leaf, we’ll probably all be driving one soon!

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