Volvo XC60 T8 charging cable

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Lightweight, reliable and with the latest ergonomic handle design; our 32A single-phase cable is the ideal cable for your Volvo XC60 T8. Its type 2 to type 2 connection allows your car to charge at the manufacturers quoted charge rate. It will also charge at any type of charge point – at home, at work or a public one.

And you can personalise your cable, too.

Would you prefer a straight or coiled cable? We have to say we prefer a straight cable. Straight cables are easy to handle and 100% of its length is usable. Coiled cables on the other hand don’t need unwinding. Whatever you decide, remember coiled cables only have a usable length of 50% – so, a 10m coiled cable has a usable length of 5m, for example.

We understand there are an infinite amount of options; at simplyEV we recommend you choose either a 5m straight cable or an 8m coiled cable. This means you’ll never be left short at a charging point as we want you to enjoy miles of happy motoring.

If you don’t see the length you’re after, don’t worry. We can custom make any length of straight cable, no matter how short or how long. Get in touch and we will provide you with a quote. Any custom cable order will need to be specially made, as well as any order of a cable length over 10m, so please allow 4-6 days for delivery.

The technical bits

Our cables are the best money can buy. We are so confident in them, we offer an Industry leading 5 Year Warranty. Every simplyEV cable is:

– IP54 rated
– CE, TUV and UL approved
– Impact resistant upto 1m drop

This particular cable is the 32A single-phase (dimensions: 3G6.0mm²+2*0.5mm²). It:

– Has an 15mm diameter
– Has 10,000 mating cycles
– Can be used at 16A and 32A charge stations

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