One of the reasons many people hold on to their gas-guzzling cars and refuse to switch to electric is the range.

And to be honest, it’s a fair point – electric vehicles do have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to providing the sort of mileage petrol and diesels do.

A few years back this was brought into the limelight when Top Gear reviewed the then relatively new Tesla Roadster and explained that, far from a 200-mile range as advertised, they ran flat in just over 50.

Much like manufacturer’s MPG figures, electric vehicle range can be open to interpretation, and it puts people off investing in them.

It seems we need a big leap in technology to get everyone on board, and that might have just happened.

Formula E – The Electric Vehicle Showcase

If you’re a fan of motor racing, you may have already seen Formula-E:

Hard core F1 fans are not convinced.

There’s no roar of engines, there’s no gear change, and the whole event seems a little “muted”, but there’s a bigger problem.

Halfway through, they have to change cars due to the ever-present range problem.

This is built into the rules – it’s a mandatory stop and swap.

But that might be about to change with the revealing earlier this year of the “Gen2” version of the car which has double the capacity and double the range, meaning no car swap is necessary.

Fans hope that this will mean more exciting races with no interruptions, but it will probably benefit road users as well.

To get technological leaps, the batteries and motors that run electric vehicles on the road will need to advance, and that takes money.

The money flowing around the racing scene at the moment could help push these advances out to the consumer, so in just a few years, maybe we’ll see our electric road cars running for longer, convincing more people to make the leap?


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