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Got a Question?

This may be the first time you’ve bought a cable for your car. Naturally, you’ll have a question or two. If your question isn’t answered here, follow the link at the bottom of the page to get a speedy reply to your query.

What Connector do I Need?

It’s really rather simple. There are 2 main types of cable – Type 1 and Type 2.

The Type 1 connector is typically used on Japanese cars (and is sometimes called Yazaki J1772) and Type 2 (or Mennekes 62196) on European cars. There are clear differences between the two in terms of how they look – as you can see from the image opposite (Type 1 is top left and Type 2 bottom right.)

Of course, some car manufacturers like to keep us on our toes and don’t follow that patter. Most do, but the easiest way to select your cable is to use our simple product search here.

I Want to Charge at Home!

If you haven’t had a charge station put in at home, no bother! Leading with the best value portable charger on the market, simplyEV provide a charger that you can just plug in to your 3 pin plug socket at home, in the garage, or, if you fancy using someone else’s electricity, next door! You’ll get a full charge within 10 hours with your 13A plug socket supplying 10A/2.4kW power.

Get yours here.

Can I use my Cable in the Rain?

You can, but remember to put the cap back on afterwards!

SimplyEV’s products have the industry’s leading IP ratings. Some companies offer products rated IP44 however every single one of our cables is rated to a minimum IP54. Our 3 pin portable charger is rated IP54 too, meaning it can withstand a jet wash, we promise!

Find out more about these ratings here.

Single Phase and 3 Phase, What’s the Difference?

Imagine having 1 water pistol versus 3 water pistols – more power! Put simply, 3 phase offers 3 times the power. If you use a 3 phase cable on a single-phase charge point you’ll just get a third of the power, so, all the car will do is just use a ⅓ of the cable, so to speak. For the technically minded, if you have a 32A 3 phase cable then that cable is capable of drawing 22kW but if you only have a single phase charge point, it will use a ⅓ of that meaning it will be around 7kW.

Not sure what your car can handle? Find your car here and we’ll help you find the right cable.


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