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A year back, it was hard to find anything interesting to say about the world of electric vehicles, they were just too rare, too expensive and the future looked decidedly diesel for a long time to come.

But, with new regulations, and people realising that fossil fuels are gradually choking everyone, things are accelerating.

What was once a niche market populated by very few (for ‘few’, read Tesla and experiments by some big manufacturers), it now seems everyone is at it and electric vehicles are making it to the mainstream.

Here’s a roundup of the last few weeks:

The new BMW iX3

With many electric vehicle concept cars looking like they’re straight out of a Netflix Sci-Fi series, BMW are bucking the trend by simply fitting electric power units into their existing range.

Check it out:

The iX3 was launched at the Beijing motor show, which although labelled at ‘concept’, looked like it could be made next week.

It looks remarkably like a BMW X3, but it won’t hit the road until 2020.

It seems the future is SUV, what with this new car coming soon after Jaguar announced their electric version of the F-Pace, imaginatively called the E-Pace.

This makes sense of course. SUVs are selling like hot cakes, but the biggest criticism of them has been that they choke kids to death and kill cats.

Well, a clean SUV will stop the choking part. Cats can sort themselves out.

Luxembourg police get Tesla

When we talk about fancy police cars, we normally head off to Dubai where the police swan around in Lamborghinis, but closer to home, Luxembourg has decided to go all high-tech and kit its police out with Teslas.

After some initial stalls due to problems fitting the blues & twos, they’re now coming in to replace their standard cruisers.

It’ll be interesting to see how they get on, and whether the “Insane” button will be pressed when pursuing perps!

Tesla gets huge sales boost

And finally, sticking with Tesla, you probably heard that they’re having a lot of problems with manufacturing, which prompted many pundits to say that all was not rosy and things could go sound for Mr. Musk.

Well, as if in a well-timed snub to such nay-sayers, Tesla has announced 140,000 sales of their cars in March alone.

InsideEvs also noted that not only are plug-in car sales increasing month-on-month, all-electric vehicles are now outselling hybrids.

It seems EV is here to stay!

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